We will help you navigate and understand your computer, tablet, laptop or gaming system:

  • Components, Locations & Functions
  • Desktop, Control Panel, User Accounts & Customization
  • Start Menu, Taskbar, System Specifications & Recycle Bin
  • Profile Folders, System Files & File Management
  • Web Browsers, Navigating the Internet & Browser Customization
  • Apps & Programs
  • Keeping your Device Secure, Parental Controls & Software / Apps
  • Learn the basic computer components & locations (CD/DVD Rom, USB Ports, Hard Drive, Keyboard & Mouse ports etc.)
  • How to navigate through your System (where main programs are installed & areas not to mess with, etc.) 
  • Email: Setting up a new account, organizing, sending, receiving & downloading, various email programs and the benefits of online email. 
  • Word Processing Programs: Free programs, Navigating, saving, settings & options, etc. 
  • Security: The importance of security software, recommendations, How to recognize what is real and what is fake, Settings & options, etc. 
  • Questions & Answers: Each class you will be able to ask any questions and receive answers with demonstrations. 
  • Signing up and using Facebook and other Social Networking Sites.
  • Searching: How to use a search engine to find exactly what you are looking for.
  • Downloading files from the internet & being able to locate & open them. 
  • Installing a program from an external device or a download.
  • Using external drives, thumb or flash drive, etc.
  • Backup: How to back-up your information. 
  • Navigating the internet: Setting default home page, managing favorites and bookmarks, disabling toolbars, different browsers, etc.